PUT ON PIECES Synthetic Hair Piece Clip-In 2 Color Blends

PUT ON PIECES Synthetic Hair Piece Clip-In 2 Color Blends - Hollywood Beauty STL

PUT ON PIECES Synthetic Hair Piece Clip-In 2 Color Blends

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PUT ON PIECES Synthetic Hair Piece Clip-In 2 Color BlendsHeat-Friendly Synthetic HairpieceOverall: 1" wide x 16" lengthAdd instant style and color to your hair, anywhere you want with The Clip In Color Blend Strips from the Put On Piece’s freestyle Collection. These Clip-ins have two contrasting shades to add impact without the commitment of coloring your hair. CLEANING TRU2LIFE HEAT-FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC HAIR1. Gently remove tnagles with fingers or pick comb. Do not brush.2. Add 1 tablespoon mild shampoo to basin of cool water.3. Soak for 5minutes and rinse throughly in cool water. Do not rub.4. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsning could result in damage.5. Dab gently with towel to remove excess water.6. Do not squeeze or twist.7. Do not brush or comb while wet as it might stretch or otherwise damage the fiber.8. Hang to air dry or use a blow dryer on a low setting.9. Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair can withstand heat up to 180'C(350'F). STYLING TIPS FOR TRU2LIFE HEAT-FRIENDLY SYNTHETIC HAIR1. Do not curl or straighten Tru2Life heat-friendly synthetic hair while wearing the piece.2. Blow dryers, curling irons, electronic or stream hot rollers and toehr thermal tools may used on low settings  up to 180'C(350'F) The fiber will get too hot and may scorch if the setting is too high3. Ideal recommended temperature for curling or straightening the fiber is 116'C(240'F)IMPORTANT : When straightening the heat-friendly synthetic hair with flat iron, take a one inch section of hair and, starting at the roots, run the flat iron over the hair to the ends. Continue this procedure until all the hair is straghtened to your liking.4. When curling the heat-friendly synthetic hair with  a curling iron, wrap the hair around the iron, hold for 10 secondas, carefylly slide the curled fiber off the iron and, while holding the warm curl in place, pin it with a clip until the fiber cools, and the curl sets. Once the fiber is cool, remove the hair clips and as desired. SPECIAL FEATURES• Heat Friendly - Go curly or straight! Tru2Life synthetic fiber can be styled using a flat iron or curling iron, from 240 up to 350 degrees.• Clip Attachment - Easy to attached and can be put in and taken out in a matter of seconds.EXPERT TIPS & STYLING IDEASFor a subtle enhanced look, place a single extension and blend it into your hair length. The extension will peek out from under your hair and be the perfect teaser for a more dramatic look. If you crave a bold look-at-me style, place several extensions around your face for a flirty pop of color and texture. Take your textured hairstyle to the next level by adding several extension pieces, combine clip in color and printed extensions, crimp or braid the piece or go wild and mix in different prints or colors.

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